Published: Oct 27, 2011 5:37 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 27, 2011 9:30 PM EDT

The Harry Chapin Food Bank is reporting another one of their delivery trucks has been stolen. The theft was discovered on Tuesday, as the agency is gearing up for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays.

Things move fast at the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Employees are constantly taking in supplies, processing them and delivering tens of thousands of pounds of food to Southwest Florida's less fortunate.

That's why the second theft of one of the agency's delivery trucks is hitting folks hard around here. Al Brislain is the president of the Harry Chapin Food Banks and he says it hurts everyone when something like this happens.

"Part of me is just sad that things like this happen. They are taking trucks when we are trying to feed people," Brislain said.

"We've had so many challenges in the last five years, with the economy and the increase in the number of folks in need, at some point it just becomes another challenge and you are going to get past it," Brislain explained.

The first truck was stolen three weeks ago. Neighboring businesses even caught the theft on surveillance cameras. So far, police have no leads on either truck.

"We enter the trucks vin numbers and plate numbers into a national data base and we hope that they get recovered."

Brislain says the agency has already made changes to keep this from happening again.

"All of the trucks owned by the organization have theft prevention devices installed. the rental truck did not."

Police say the vehicles are very common and difficult to spot. They are hoping a tipster comes forward to help the agency that is so busy helping others.

The truck that was stolen was a large refrigeration truck. It was white with the numbers 512 712 on its side and the tag reads UO18WD. If you see it, call police.