Published: Oct 26, 2011 7:29 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 26, 2011 8:59 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- A Charlotte County Sheriff's deputy arrested a Port Charlotte man Tuesday after the man sic’s his pit bull on the officer. Arrested was Phillip James Tenk, 48, of 2354 Sunninglow Street.

A neighbor, was watching the home at the owner’s request in the 1300 block of Nimrod Street in Port Charlotte, because of a disturbance the night before. He heard a hissing sound, went outside and saw two tires slashed on a pickup at his neighbor’s home. He confronted the man outside but he walked away. The neighbor called CCSO at 9:18 p.m.

A deputy heard the description of the suspect and believed it to be Tenk who was a suspect at the same home Monday when a beach chair was thrown through a window and lanai screens cut due to a domestic issue. The CCSO helicopter responded to Tenk’s home and observed a vehicle pull into the driveway. A road deputy went to Tenk’s home and saw him holding his large pit bull. The deputy announced himself several times; Tenk looked at the deputy and told his dog to “Get him” and then released his grip on the dog. The pit bull ran at the deputy in an aggressive and threatening manner. The deputy fearing he was going to be attacked drew his weapon and ordered Tenk to recall his dog or the dog would be shot. Tenk complied; his dog was secured by his brother, and Tenk was arrested.

Tenk is charged with Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, and Criminal Mischief.

The neighbor who called CCSO was driven to the Tenk home and positively identified him as the man he saw at the home who walked away from the pickup with the slashed tires. Tenk remains in the Charlotte County Jail on $6,000 bond.