Published: Oct 19, 2011 10:19 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 19, 2011 10:58 PM EDT

EAST NAPLES, Fla.- Del Ackerman describes a chilling phone call he hoped never to hear.

"My granddaughter called me and she was screaming. A terrible scream. She said someone's after me, I shot him," Ackerman recounted Wednesday.

Collier County Sheriff's deputies say 32-year old Daniel Hernandez attempted to rob Del's 24-Hour Food Store in broad daylight.

The clerk under attack: Ackerman's granddaughter.

But 22-year old Elizabeth Easterly stood her ground and refused to give up the cash.

That's when the would-be-robber allegedly did the unimaginable, reportedly snatching the clerk's one-year old daughter who was sitting nearby.

"Can you imagine? He grabbed the baby. Picked her up in the stroller, and was going outside with the baby and the stroller at the same time," Ackerman said.

Easterly then grabbed her gun, jumped the counter, and shot Hernandez in the knee as he scrambled with the stroller.

"I mean anyone would do it to protect their children. It's just one of those things when your instinct takes over, and that's what's going to happen," said Kim Carnes, one of Easterly's co-workers at Del's.

Hernandez later died from his injuries at NCH Downtown Naples Hospital.

The terrifying crime caused Ackerman to temporarily turn out the lights of his 24-hour store for only the second time in almost five decades.

"I'm not going to let just some person off the street that's on something else ruin my family's life, and spoil our life and shut my store down after 47 years. I'm not going to let one person do it," Ackerman said.

Collier County Sheriff's Office is investigating the crime.

The suspect who died, Daniel Hernandez, was released from the Naples Jail just last week. He had a lengthy record with the county, with 29 different criminal charges since 2002.