Published: Oct 17, 2011 3:50 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Search crews have called off a weekend search for a missing Cape Coral teacher.

Texas Equusearch teams spent two days looking through areas of Bokeelia and Pine Island for 41 year old Amy Patterson.

"we were able to determine at this time that we don't necessarily feel that there's anything significant out there at this time," said Brian Fallon with Equusearch.

Crews will meet with Lee county investigators in the next few weeks to determine other possible search spots.


Update -

It's been nearly three months since the disappearance of Lee County teacher Amy Patterson.  Her ex-husband and current boyfriend, Daniel Proctor, is the one and only person the Lee County Sheriff's Office is calling a suspect.  Detectives tell our partners at 92.5 Fox News Radio they believe Patterson's body is somewhere on Pine Island.  They've called in the help from Equusearch to help in their efforts.

"Without her body they don't have any kind of closure or any kind of understand as to what happened so that is what we're trying to do for them," said Detective Jeff Brown, Lee County Sheriff's Office.

"The idea here is to work as a team between ourselves at the Lee County Sheriff's Office to be most efficient and certainly cover the most amount of area that we can," said Brian Fallon, with Equusearch.

In late July, the Cape Coral teacher disappeared.  The Lee County Sheriff's Office is calling Proctor the only suspect in the case.  Proctor was arrested in September after he was found sleeping in a stolen care outside an Okeechobee hotel.  Proctor was taken back to Alabama where deputies said he stole a gun and a car.

On Wednesday, Proctor was denied bond in Alabama on an unrelated charge.  Proctor still hasn't been charged in the disappearance of Patterson.

Equusearch will be using close to 20 people and three to four horse teams, to search from sunup to sundown on Saturday on Pine Island to try and help find Patterson.

"Basically what they bring to us are an all volunteer organization with a lot more folks involved," said Brown.

"Our mission is pretty simple.  We look at it more as a closure to the family whether it be recovery or even rescue," said Fallon.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office has done searches on foot along with searches by air and boat and they've all turned up tonight.  The sheriff's office is hoping with more boots on the ground, they'll be able to close this case.

Equusearch will arrive in Lee County late Friday night and will team up with the Lee County Sheriff's Office and begin their work first thing Saturday morning.