Published: Oct 13, 2011 2:23 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 13, 2011 2:58 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY Fla.- Deputy First Class Timothy Hamula officially resigned his position with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office yesterday after admitting to investigators that he falsified documents in an effort to appease his supervisors demands for more activity.  In internal affairs documents obtained by WINK news, Hamula's supervisor documents how he found some of the deputies records to be questionable.  The supervisor contacted several of the people that Hamula had written warning citations to over the last 6 months and all of them denied ever even being pulled over, let alone recieving a citation


When hamula's supervisor confronted him with the data, Hamula originally turned his supervisor away by saying that he "could not advise on the issue".  Hamula then returned to his supervisor just over an hour later and stated that "He was sorry and that he had lied and that he was under stress to to show activity and that he had made up traffic stops".


Shortly thereafter an Internal Affairs Investigation was opened into the incedent.  hamula was found guilty of Falsification of Official Documents and Untruthfulness.  We attempted to contact Hamula and his attorney but they both declined to comment on the investigation or hamulas resignation.  the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office told WINK news that they do not comment on Internal Affairs Investigations.