Published: Oct 11, 2011 9:19 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 11, 2011 9:46 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The latest resident of Lee County Domestic Animal Services isn't your typical pound pup. Little Trixie was found on the streets walking upright, relying entirely on her two front legs.

Seven-year old Chihuahua Trixie is anything but your average lap dog.

"When she's being held, you think she's just a regular Chihuahua. And you put her on the floor, and she starts walking and it's just amazing," said Ria Brown of Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Trixie's mode of transportation: two paws, instead of four. She's paralyzed from the pelvis down, an old injury she learned to live with.

"Whatever happened, whether it was a car accident or some other kind of injury, it wasn't cared for. She doesn't look like she had veterinary care. So she just healed, and learned to compensate by walking on her front legs," Brown said Tuesday.

Cape Coral police officers found Trixie wandering the streets just off Pelican Boulevard. They quickly scooped her up, but not before the Chihuahua caused a small scene of her own.

"We had two cars following each other in tandem down the roadway. The lead vehicle, if you will, saw this little dog dart out in front of the road, jammed on the brakes. Unfortunately, the vehicle behind the lead one was following too close behind and couldn't brake in time," Lt. Tony Sizemore of Cape Coral Police Department said Tuesday.

Despite a life of darting cars, vets say Trixie is in overall good shape. She needed some dental work and her nails trimmed, but aside from that, they say the homeless Chihuahua is healthy. In fact, she's keeping staffers on their toes.

"You think maybe she'd take a few steps and stop. But she can go for quite a while just on those two little front legs," Brown laughed.

Their wish for the wonder dog? Finally, a forever place to call home.

"One where she's just loved and she can give love to somebody," Brown said.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services is currently accepting adoption applications for Trixie. They say she's best suited for a quiet, adult home.

For more information, visit Lee County Animal Services' website at, or call them at 239-533-7387.