Published: Oct 10, 2011 11:23 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- Yvette Osme thought locks and a fence were enough to protect her home during its short sale. But just as she moved out, some unexpected residents moved right in.

Osme's daughter translated her run-in with her home's unwelcome guests.

"There was a guy there and he was like 'Get off my property, what are you doing here? She was trying to explain to him that this was her house and he shouldn't be living there," she said.

Lee County Sheriff's deputies arrested 24-year old Steven Toussaint for allegedly taking up at Osme's property.

But Osme say the damage is already done. She says Toussaint and his girlfriend left her home in ruins, vandalizing the walls and leaving doors hanging on their hinges.

Even worse- she says they sold off her things, and moved theirs in.

"I guess they didn't want her stuff there. They sold it and all. They didn't much care about it," Osme's son, Kevin Exume said Monday.

Aside from stealing the refrigerator, stove, and weight lifting equipment...the crooks also managed to rig power back throughout the house.

"The electricity box that calculates the watts, her's was taken out, and they put another one in," Osme's daughter translated.

Now, Osme is left picking up the pieces of a nightmare in her own home.

"She's never had to deal with a situation like this before, so she's speechless," she said.

Lee County Sheriff's deputies found Toussaint and his girlfriend inside the home. Toussaint is being charged with burglary and grand theft.