Published: Oct 10, 2011 5:54 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- Occupy Lehigh Acres announced its local protest. They're asking the people in Lehigh Acres to gather at the Wooden Nickel at the corner of Homestead Road and Lee Boulevard at noon on Saturday, October 22nd.

They say the rally will be non-violent and they've set up a Facebook page to get their message out. 

Occupy Fort Myers will meet again at noon this Saturday. Last Saturday's rally was a soggy one, but the group still set up in Centennial Park in the city.

Next week, they plan to meet and then head over to the downtown Bank of America to protest what they call Wall Street greed.

Occupy Lehigh Acres' site on Facebook only has twelve "likes" from fans and the Occupy Fort Myers Facebook page has 1200 "likes." Both groups are losely organized but as their members grow, they are expanding to websites, twitter and forums to get their message out.