Published: Oct 06, 2011 11:25 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- Domino's founder Tom Monaghan is at it again. The master-mind behind the national pizza chain and Ave Maria University is making a return to the food industry, at age 74.

He's now launching a burger delivery franchise, Gyrene Burger, right here in Southwest Florida. But this time around, there's a charitable cause driving his delivery business.

"I always saw Domino's as being a pie factory. This is basically a bacon cheeseburger factory," Monaghan said Thursday.

The concept is simple: burgers, delivered right to your door in 15 minutes or less.

The name is old military slang, combining the words GI and Marine. Monaghan's military background shows through in every detail, down to the uniforms.

"I think it'll be a way to take the casualness out of it. When you're handling these peak periods everything has to be a snap," he said.

Monaghan plans to franchise if the first Gyrene Burger is a success. But whether it's a bang or a bust- he won't see a dime.

"I've had all the yachts, and the helicopters and jets, and the fancy cars. This is for Ave Maria," he said.

Any profits from the delivery business will go back to his other passion- Ave Maria University.

"I think he has a good idea in that any money that he makes through this Gyrene Burger, putting it back into the university. It's just a circular pattern of more and more positive things coming out of it," Ave Maria freshman Jonathan English said Thursday.

As for 74-year old Monaghan slowing down, he says don't expect it anytime soon. In fact, he's already leasing his second location.

"I thought this is something that I spent 38 years of my life doing, and I was very successful at it. Now, lets see if there's still any gas in the engine," Monaghan laughed.

The first Gyrene Burger is located on US 41 in downtown Naples. It's scheduled to open in November. For more information, visit their website,