Published: Oct 05, 2011 11:35 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Twice a week, Bill Cuttriss goes to the Florida Cancer Centers to receive treatment for intestinal cancer.
When he was diagnosed in May, Cuttriss recalls the stress of finding a way to get to chemo-therapy.
"I'd be down to the last minute trying to find transportation," he said.
But thanks to a volunteer group called "Road to Recovery," Bill now has a free, guaranteed ride to treatment.
Cuttriss is one of about a hundred patients in Lee county who relies on the service.
"This is one less burden and every burden that can be lifted is helpful.. very helpful," Cuttriss said.
But the program is in desperate need of volunteers. Last year Road to Recovery provided over 1,400 rides to treatment with just 30 drivers!
Stan McQuade has worked as a driver with the American Cancer Society for five years.
"It gives people the opportunity to get the treatment and the services that they need and to be a part of being able to make that road smoother for them is very good," McQuade said.
McQuade says the chance to volunteer quickly turned into a chance to make a real difference.
"You get a lot of gratitude on the part of the people that you're transporting and talking to them, listening to their problems. A lot of them don't have someone to talk to on a regular basis," McQuade continued.
"Sometimes you just feel like you're all alone. then you find out you're not all alone there's someone out there," Cuttriss said.
Patients and potential volunteers can reach the American Cancer Society by calling  1-800-227-2345 or going to