Published: Oct 04, 2011 12:00 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 04, 2011 12:45 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla- The Naples Police are investigating a murder. It happened around 10:30 Sunday night in the 1200 block of 12th Avenue North, within the Lake Park neighborhood.

The incident began after a verbal argument, and physical altercation, between two men. The victim, Jon Wayne Joseph, 63, of 1155 12TH Street North, was located in the roadway with multiple stab wounds and died before police could get to him.

Police did arrest 37-year-old John Orr of Naples. He is charged with Second Degree Murder.

Police say Orr’s clothing was heavily stained with blood as were his arms, legs and feet. Officer Collins confronted Orr who made excited utterances of defending himself from an attack. John Orr was detained and transported to police headquarters
for questioning. Orr’s father, Joseph Orr had been the person who discovered Joseph’s mortally wounded body in the street.

During a videotaped, post-Miranda interview, John Orr claimed he was walking through the neighborhood and asked a couple seated outside of 1155 12th Street North if they knew the whereabouts of someone. An argument ensued because the residents of this address did not welcome any affiliations with the person. As Orr explained his account, he kept walking onto 12th Avenue North when he was struck from behind by a subject on a bicycle.

Orr described it as being “rammed” into by Joseph and his bicycle, who he claimed to have never met before. Orr advised a physical confrontation ensued with him being thrown to the ground, being head butted three or four times and
having fingers jammed into his eyes. He claimed he had no choice but to reach for his pocket knife and fight for his life. Orr admitted stabbing Joseph in the abdomen and in the neck during his struggle to evade his assailant.

Joseph’s wounds indicated a much more lethal attack from Orr. Stab wounds were visible in his eye, forearm and back and appeared to be numerous but due to the large quantity of blood; specific quantities of wounds and major arteries
and organs damaged were unavailable. Orr was also in possession of Joseph’s ball cap during the interview.

Orr insisted on his right to self defense and was in disbelief when advised he was being arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder. Orr claimed to have had no idea his actions caused the death of Joseph. Additionally, Orr
displayed no visible injuries which would indicate he had been involved a violent life or death struggle.

Orr, standing at 5’10”, weighing 190 lbs. and was a  former soldier with the United States Army, admitted Joseph had no handgun, no knife or weapon yet he felt his life was in imminent danger from the 63-year-old man. Orr made no attempt to seek help for the dying man despite gaping wounds to the neck and abdomen of Joseph. 

The investigation continues.