Published: Sep 30, 2011 4:44 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Fort Myers Police say a 911 call for "shots fired" turned into a chase by car, and then foot. When Javier Starling opened fire on police, officers returned fire, hitting Starling.

Police say the whole ordeal started early this afternoon with a single gunshot. Neighbors at the Westwood Apartments who witnessed it had no idea it would end the way it did.

Just after 1:30 Thursday afternoon, they were startled by a sound they never want to hear.

A woman who wanted to remain anonymous said, "I heard a loud pop, very loud pop."

A man who also wished to hide his identity said, "I was actually outside having a cigarette. I heard the gunshot. I walked out, I saw the victim yelling at a female, saying basically, I should have the cops called on you. You just had someone shoot at me."

The man quickly dialed 911.

"I saw the shooter, a heavier set gentleman take off to his blue Lincoln Navigator. I asked the victim if he needed help and he said no, he basically said if you want to call the cops, go ahead. It's the guy in the blue Navigator, I'm taking off."

Fort Myers Police and FDLE blocked off the area in front of building 8, discovering a single shell casing. Westwood is home to many children. Neighbors fear that bullet could have easily hit one of them.

"It's a little nerve racking because I have small children in the house," the female neighbor said. "I never let them out a lot because you never know what's going to happen."

"All the kids are off school today, there's kids out playing and stuff like that, it just shouldn't be happening," the male neighbor said.

Police cleared the scene late in the afternoon. No word on what may have motivated that shooting.