Published: Sep 29, 2011 11:23 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Babies, babies everywhere. It seems like everyone knows someone who is about to give birth, or someone who just gave birth. So we did some research, looked back nine months and discovered, it's not the water, but the weather.

It's not unusual for us to have cold snaps in the winter, but this year it was cold. Really cold. Our WINK skytracker meteorologist Jim Farrell crunched the numbers for us.

"Last year was very unusual. We had an extended cold spell that included the entire month of December and almost all of January," Jim explained. "It's part of the La Nina pattern we saw. So, not totally unexpected but still, if you've lived here for a little bit or a long period of time, it was a shock to your system."

In fact, Jim showed us between December and January, Southwest Florida had 20 days with temperatures 45 degrees or lower, ten days in the 30's and three of those cold days set all time records. And that, could have something to do with our baby boom.

Doctor Aparna Eligeti has been in Southwest Florida for three years. She's seen baby booms after cold weather before.

"I did my residency in Syracuse and the snow baby phenomenon, where there would be a big increase in deliveries," Eligati said. But this is the first time she's seen that in Florida.

In her practice, Physicians Primary Care, they have 90 more babies scheduled to be born in September and October this year, compared to last year.

And, though not a snow baby, WINK News' own Stacey Adams has an announcement to make...she's expecting a baby in February! Congratulations, Stacey!