Published: Sep 29, 2011 11:04 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 29, 2011 11:32 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- An eight-year-old Lee County girl is recovering tonight after being attacked by a dog.

"It start running and barking and barking at her and starting biting her."

5-Year old Melia Brockington and her sister Bria were playing in thier yard yesterday evening. Their best friend- 8 year old  Bianca Rodriguez was also there.

"I heard barking."

She says that's when she spotted a large German Shepherd running down the road.

Melia says, "It had triangle white ears and they were up."

Reporter Sarah Pusateri says, "With the dog rushing down the road at full speed bianca says she told her friends to jump on this car to safety."

Bianca says, "I was helping the four year old get on top of the car, and I just didn't want them to get hurt."

Instead it was Bianca. That was bitten.

She says, "Right here on the side and right here. I went to the hospital and I had to get surgery cause they had to stitch it a little bit."

"When they were squirting the solution into one of the holes to clean it out, it was coming out of another hole, that's how deep the wound was."

Melia and Bria's father heard the girls screams and ran after the dog.
Within minutes deputies and animal control were on scene and caught it.

Barry Valinski, "Our understanding is, the dog has a history of violent acts."

Something upsetting for the family, even though they say, they're focusing on the positive their little hero!

Carmen Valinski says, "I'm filled with emotions on how brave she's been through all of this."

Barry Valinski says, "She feels good about helping her friends, and we're proud of her."