Published: Sep 23, 2011 4:41 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 23, 2011 4:43 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. --WINK News spoke with Joe Hunter Thursday night for the first time since hundreds of pages of documents were released.  Hunter is the ex-husband of Suzanne Bishop.  Bishop is the woman Christopher Serna is accused of murdering in July.  Bishop is part of a love triangle that left behind several families dealing with the sudden loss of two women and the arrests of two men.

Deputies said Jeffrey Moretz walked into Physicians Regional Hospital July 5, killed his estranged wife, Christine, by shooting her point blank in the head.  Documents show Jeffrey's reason for murder could have been resentment.  Christine had started college and got a job away from Moretz's business.  Court documents said "Mrs. Moretz had started taking college classes and got her first full-time job outside of Mr. Moretz's construction business."

Documents went on to say Christine started dating Christopher Serna, a man she worked with at Cap Farrat at Crown Colony in Naples.  Co-workers told deputies he was distraught after Christine was killed.  They said he was distant with people and kept to himself.  Documents said "Mr. Serna has been very distant with everyone at work since the homicide on July 5. He has kept to himself."

This is where the triangle comes together.  Serna and Christine were dating.  Serna is accused of decapitating and mutilating Suzanne Bishop July 26, just three weeks after Christine was killed.  The management company in charge of Cap Ferrat said no one knew the two were dating.

"They did not bring any, of any, any personal issues into the workplace at all.  They were both extremely professional in their relationships with each other and their fellow employees" said Kristin M. Rohr, director of marketing and Communications for Guest Services, Inc.

After Christine filed for divorce, she talked to Serna about her estranged husband.  She told him she would never be able to leave her marriage alive.

WINK News tried to speak to Curtis Vaught, one of the last people to see Suzanne Bishop alive, the woman Serna is accused of killing, but he declined to talk, closing the door on us.  Bishop's ex-huband told WINK News she was a loving mother who was just looking to possibly date Serna.

"She was not a stalker, she wasn't a fling, she was a woman who thought the guy was cute and she liked him, loved her kids and tried the best she could," said Joe Hunter, Bishop's ex-husband.

"She saw Mr. Senra, from what I had heard, he thought he was cute and Suzanne was trying to start a relationship.  She didn't deserve to die the way she did.  I view Mr. Serna as Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson," said Hunter.

Both Jeffrey Moretz and Christopher Serna remain behind bars in Collier County without bond.