Published: Sep 23, 2011 5:00 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 22, 2011 11:34 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - The connection between two separate Collier murders is something only those close to the crimes could have known.  It has a plot so thick, it seems like something out of a movie.

A hospital shooting and a mutilation, two murders, three weeks apart will forever be connected in a love triangle gone bad.

The first murder, July 5th.  Deputies say Jeffrey Moretz whipped his car into a space at Physicians Regional Hospital, went up stairs, and shot and killed his estranged wife Christine Moretz, point blank.

His motive?  According to new reports, it may have been his jealousy.

"Mrs. Moretz moved into a condominium in Bonita Springs.  Mrs. Moretz had started taking college classes...and got her first full-time job outside of Mr. Moretz's construction business," reports say.

It also states Christine started dating someone at her new job, Christopher Serna.  He's the man arrested for be-heading and brutally mutilating a North Naples woman just three after Christine Moretz was shot to death in the hospital.

According to reports, "Mr. Moretz called Christopher Serna (maintenance worker at Mrs. Moretz's place of employment) and threatened Serna after accusing him of having an affair with Mrs. Moretz.  Mrs. Moretz confided in Serna that Mr. Moretz would never let her leave the marriage alive."

What no one could have known after the hospital shooting is what Christine's alleged boyfriend would be accused of doing just three weeks later.

In statements to Collier County Sheriff's detectives, co-workers of Christopher Serna describe him as distraught and volatile in the days following Christine Moretz's murder.

Co-workers at Naples' Crown Colony say Serna was becoming unusually withdrawn and moody, just days before he allegedly dismembered former fling Suzanne Bishop.

In statements to detectives, co-workers say Serna and Moretz were having an affair. Serna's boss told investigators she noticed some change in him after Moretz's death.

"He was also known for having anger issues. He had become increasingly distant since the death of Moretz," Sandra Shock said.

Another co-worker, Michael Camuglia, told investigators Serna was visibly distraught following Moretz murder.

"Mr. Serna has been very distant with everyone at work since the homicide on July 5th. He has kept to himself," Camuglia told detectives.

During a counseling session following Moretz's murder, one co-worker observed Serna as unusually withdrawn.

"Lately, Mr. Serna had become quiet and difficult to talk to since Moretz's death. During a grief counseling session Mr. Serna sat for two hours with his hat pulled down over his eyes and he never spoke," John Gagliardi told detectives.

Serna is accused of decapitating former girlfriend, Suzanne Bishop, just 22 days after the murder of Christine Moretz. Serna had a past relationship with Bishop, but his father told investigators Bishop was "stalking" his son in the days before her murder.