Published: Sep 23, 2011 5:39 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 23, 2011 9:39 PM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.- A job fair took place in Estero on Friday.

Over 20 potential employers had vacant positions. Job seekers were asked to dress professionally, bring ten to fifteen copies of their resume, and be prepared for an interview. Many said searching for a job in today's economy is one tough task.

Lehigh Acres resident Cody Sims lost his job a month ago.

"It's just the way the economy is. Everybody is losing their retirements and losing everything," Sims said. "I'm probably the youngest person here. I'm going on 21 and it's tough. Certified welder and I can't get nothing."

Now, he's searching for a new one and will do just about anything to provide for his family.

"Right now, I could just accept anything. I can go for anything. A month ago, I was a beekeeper, completely out of my field of welding," Sims explained.

He's one of hundreds who attended the job fair, sponsored by St. Vincent De Paul.

Employers from Lowes to Publix packed the room at Our Lady of Light Catholic Community.

Seasonal hiring is why Target Store Manager Danielle Beaudette is at this event.

"We have plenty of openings. They range from full-time, part-time, permanent and seasonal," said Beaudette. "We're here today just to promote that and let the community know that, you know, we're taking resumes and we'll set up some interviews and get some on boarding for the holiday season."

For those who are hired seasonally, there's hope their jobs will turn into full-time positions and that's good news for people like James Smith who has been battling unemployment for months.

"I'm going to apply myself. I thought they were ready to hire. I'm ready to start working," Smith said.

The job fair was free to the public.

Many job seekers were asked to fill out an online application before they spoke with a company representative.