Published: Sep 19, 2011 11:28 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - Just in, the results of an audit after allegations that thousands of your tax dollars were spent by the Collier Housing Department for work not done.  The Clerk's office unveils double billing, invoices not dated, and quotes being used as invoices.

A home on Seminole Avenue was the initial house that unveiled quite the mess going on with projects headed up by the Collier Housing Department.

The Clerk's audit reveals trusses and lumber were removed from the site and then had to be paid for again.  A quote for more than $7,000 was used as a bill, without any documentation it was actually paid for by the contractor.  Nearly $10,000 in plumbing and air-conditioning bills were submitted when the work wasn't done.

Another house in the Golden Gate Estates also reveals thousands in bills submitted, and approved by county staff, when the work wasn't done.

More than $2,000 for plumbing when the kitchen sink is still sitting on the floor, and other merchandise was stolen.  Twenty-five hundred dollars billed for a dirty, unusable pool.  However, that wasn't the only bill submitted for this pool.  The county also received an $800 bill for the same pool, but from a completely different company.

The audit shows the Clerk's recommendations and the county's response.  Many of the county's responses show how they plan to fix, or have already tried to fix the problem.