Published: Sep 14, 2011 1:08 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 14, 2011 3:05 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE Fla.- On any given day, you are likely to see visitors paying homage to fallen soldiers at the Kiwanis Veterans Garden in Punta Gorda But what is more significant is what you wont see at the garden, specifically the 8 foot tall eternal flame monument around which tthe whole memorial was built. The eternal flame that was supposed to go there about a decade ago was only in place for a couple of years before the city extinguished it. "The physical flame that they put in was not conducive to that location," said Dennis Murphy, Director of Growth Management with the City of Punta Gorda.

Last week, Murphy brought a plan to the Punta Gorda City Council to rectify the situation.
"The Military Order of the Veterans of the Purple Heart had requested the city to move a monument that they have up in Port Charlotte," said Murphy. The memorial to wounded combat veterans on Cochran and U.S. 41 has become so encroached by development that despite its proximity to main roads, It's difficult to get to or even see. "Its not wheelchair compliant and you got to think of the Purple Heart Veterans who are going there

City leaders will move the wounded veterans monument to the vacant spot left by the eternal flame  Bob Carpenter was one of the original members of the Kewanis Club that rallied for the flame monument, and the idea suits him just fine. "Its just not getting what it deserves there and what a perfect place for it being down in our park here," said Carpenter.

If all goes well, the city should have the monument moved in the next couple of months.