Published: Sep 13, 2011 11:52 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 14, 2011 12:21 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- A trip to a 7-11 has made one Cape Coral man a rich man. Ken Shaffer says his luck at the Florida lottery will help his family get out of debt! It's a story of perseverance - that paid off.

 "I figured one day I was going to hit the big one," said Ken Shaffer. The 'big one' finally happened for this 47-year old father and husband.

 A one-million dollar prize from the Billion Dollar Blockbuster Scratch-off Game.

 "I realized I had a million dollars. And the hair stood up on my arm, I got this nervous feeling!" said Shaffer.

 The Hard Rock Concrete owner says the down economy hit his business hard. For years, his family worked to pay off debts.

 "We sold a lot of stuff just to make it through the past three years," he said.

 "He does good work, quality work he's been playing it hard for years and years and it couldn't happen to a better guy," said

Shaffer purchased his winning ticket at a 7-11 in north Ft. Myers. This makes him the 38th winner in the entire state to claim a one-million dollar prize.

"It doesn't happen to people like us," said Beth Shaffer.

Shaffer's wife Beth says he's always had a string of good luck.

"The lady called me and said its a legitimate ticket. I cried for two days," she said.

Now, the Schaffers are making an offer on property in Tennessee, but putting most of the money towards their retirement.

"We've always given to other people - so maybe for once somebody gave something to us," she said.

The couple says they're still the same people, just, with more money in the bank.

Shaffer says he has been playing the lottery for decades. After Uncle Sam takes his cut, Shaffer gets to keep about $490,000.