Published: Sep 07, 2011 10:16 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 07, 2011 11:03 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Patriotic flags are popping up on signs and storefronts across Cape Coral.

"We had several members that were directly affected by 9/11. As the 10 year anniversary came up, we really wanted to get involved and show some community pride," Cape Coral Kiwanis Club President Sam Huber said Wednesday.

The Kiwanis Club paired with the Cape Community Redevelopment Agency to make the flags, splitting the cost 50-50. About 250 flags were made in total, with over 100 of those going to South Cape Coral businesses completely free of charge.

The remainder of the CRA's stash was put up for sale.

"We actually sold enough flags to offset the cost of our 50%, so it cost zero tax dollars to do this campaign in the South Cape," CRA Economic Development Manager Helen Ramey said Wednesday.

Ciao restaurant owner Chris Bacus's flag is flying high outside his 47th Terrace storefront. His close friend was supposed to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

"It was one of those freak things where he actually took the day off to play golf. It was a crummy day so he called his boss and said I think I'm going to come in anyway. His boss told him no. And it turned out to be the thing that saved his life," Bacus said Wednesday.

Ten years later, Bacus hopes the simple statement will help unite Americans, once again.

"It's a sense of pride for America. With all the turmoil we're going through right now, I hope this brings us a little bit closer together," Bacus said.

Cape Coral's CRA is completely sold out of the commemorative flags.