Published: Sep 05, 2011 11:20 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 06, 2011 12:26 AM EDT

PINE ISLAND, Fla. - Neighbors in Bokeelia, on Pine Island, tell WINK News they're glad to hear Daniel Proctor is behind bars.

Law enforcement is treating the couple's house as a crime scene. Red tape still covers the windows.
Neighbors tell WINK News they're stunned something like this would happen in such a small community.

"I've seen them in the neighborhood - I saw her walking around, I've seen him somewhere but I know know where," said neighbor Matt Thomas.

Thomas has seen Daniel Proctor and Amy Patterson before. He's been following their case on the news, and is glad to hear Proctor is behind bars.

"I think its good. I think he's probably guilty as hell. I hope they find the body so they can put him away," said Thomas.

As details continue to come in about the couple's past, Thomas says, he's surprised that this now nationally-known story started right down the street.

"We don't expect that in quiet Bokeelia, but it sounds like a domestic situation - sad woman, I mean she'd been beaten on by him many times before and she kept going back for it. He sounds like a total scumbag," said Thomas. 

"It's just like, I have a kid, girlfriend and stuff, and you know its crazy that stuff like that even goes on around here. Small town, you know what i mean? Not used to it," said neighbor Eric Bauer. 

Bauer didn't know the couple personally. But, he's another neighbor, happy to see Proctor caught.

"It was ah, pretty crazy. I think it was mindblowing that so much crazy stuff happens in such a small place you know? but, other than that i don't know. good thing they found him," he said.