Published: Sep 02, 2011 1:53 PM EDT

SARASOTA Fla.- The home video which has already gone viral, shows players and coaches apparently attacking an official at a football game last weekend in Sarasota. "I think everybody has seen the video as Sheriff Knight put it you know I think the video speaks for itself, its certainly disturbing," said Colonel Steve Burns with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office at a press conference Thrusday.

The Sheriffs office is investigating criminal charges against members of the Sarasota Gators Youth Football League "If anyone is charged with battery on an official in an organized sporting event as we know under florida statue that's a 3rd degree felony." said Burns. Even though the game was not a School function, the incident happend on School property at Riverview High School and School officials were quick to react by banning the team from playing games on any School property.

The sheriffs office says that charges in this case could be filed as early as Friday. "I think everybody was disturbed by that video and to see adults who have been entrusted in a mentoring position with the youth of our community to behave in that manner is disturbing and unacceptable," said Burns.