Published: Sep 01, 2011 11:18 PM EDT

COPELAND, Fla. - We're learning more about the man who pulled a 90-year-old Copeland woman out of an alligator's deadly grip. Margaret Webb has been upgraded to serious condition a day after the gator bit off her leg.

"He's not afraid of anything," Everglades resident David Shealy says of 30-year-old Dwain Daniels.

He's known Daniels since he was born, long before his alligator wrestling days. The man he watched grow up is now being hailed a hero. Wednesday, Daniels was driving down State Road 29 when he saw 90-year-old Margaret Webb caught in the terrifying grip of a gator. Daniels pulled in, grabbed Webb, and shot the gator. Friends and
family aren't surprised.

"That's Dwain. Quick to act, that's just his nature," Shealy continues.

Daniels' grandmother tells us it was devine intervention that he happened to drive by Webb's house just as the gator started doing the death roll to take Webb down, others agree.

"It's a real crazy story, thank God Dwain was there."

Fish and Wildlife officials say the gator reared it's head three more times before Daniels shot it between the eyes. Others tell us the gator has been a known threat at Webb's house.

Webb's been upgraded to serious condition. While her hero has yet to come forward, the community says anyone from the Everglades would have done the same.

"Anybody would have. I don't know if everybody could have," Shealy adds.

FWC and the trapper have not been able to find the gator's remains yet.