Published: Sep 01, 2011 11:41 PM EDT

ESTERO, FL- An 81-year old woman attacked and robbed in her Estero home. Deputies say she didn't give up without a fight.

Martha Caiceda feels her bruises today. Battle wounds from fighting off a woman she says forced her way into her home and stole her husband's money.

"Here and here, my finger, and my arm," Caiceda said. "She tried to bite me, but I defend me."

Caiceda says Deborah Gardner stormed into her home demanding money for cleaning work she had done previously.

"She said, comprende? Comprende? It's in spanish. I don't know why?"

Caiceda says she'd never seen Gardner before and since her husband was sick in bed, she asked her to leave- but gardner refused.

"I don't care! I need my money," Gardner said.

Deputies say gardner then took the wallet out of Caiceda's husband's pants.

"It's not your money, it's the money of my husband," Caiceda explained.

Then the two began to fight.

"I take her by the hair, I had her head in my hand."

She says then Gardner bit her finger.

"It's very small but it hurt! The woman, take the money, push me down. And go away."

A neighbor called 911.

Deputies say Gardner made her get away on her golf cart, they followed her a few streets away and then got her at her house, in the same community. She was arrested.

Despite her tough actions, Caiceda says she was scared and is now relieved.