Published: Aug 27, 2011 3:50 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - The Naples Police Department wants to warn residents of a scam involving water bills. Two recent events
have been brought to the attention of the City of Naples Finance Department who in turn notified the police.

In the first incident, a resident stated that an unknown individual claiming to be from the water department
told him his water was going to be shut off for non-payment and demanded a credit card number to pay
the bill right away. The resident did not give his credit card information. The resident thought this was
suspicious, and called the finance department to report the incident.

The second incident involved a man driving a white pick-up truck that approached a resident and said that
he would shut off the water if he didn’t get paid immediately. No payment was exchanged in this incident
either, and it was also reported.

The City of Naples does not initiate calls to water customers demanding payment, and water department
personnel in the field do not collect funds either. If customers have a question about their water bill or
how to pay it, contact City of Naples customer service at 213-1800, or visit the City of Naples website at