Published: Aug 24, 2011 4:04 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.-- The Community Blood Center in Naples is holding a two day push for donations to replenish their supply in preparation for hurricane season.
During the summer, collections are always low because so many regular donors are up north.
But this is actually the most important time of year to give blood.
If southwest Florida were to be hit by a hurricane and extra blood was needed, donations would be severely impaired because of mobility issues.
People wouldn't be able to get out to donate and because of winds, the mobile trailers wouldn't be safe to use.
So the blood already on the shelves that would save lives in a weather emergency.
At the current rate the center here in Naples is getting donations all blood is used up within five days of collection.       
That's why they've issued an urgent plea for help. 
"When we saw reports of the hurricane it was just one of those things we try to be proactive and try to get donors in so we don't have to cancel surgeries or not have blood available for local patients," said community relations manager Laura Rosen.
Tuesday just over 100 donors went out to give blood.
The mobile blood drive will be at the Mission Square Plaza West at 1485 Pine Ridge Road in Naples on Wednesday offering gift cards and other incentives for those who come out and donate.