Published: Aug 23, 2011 3:18 AM EDT

James Duffy's latest no-show in a Fort Myers court Monday afternoon comes as no surprise to his former employees... who say he abruptly closed the doors to the prado cinema café leaving them without jobs.. and without their final paychecks.
"For me..$1,000... other employees, $2,000-3,000. I'm sure between the 20 employees there was 20,000 owed," said former assistant manager Joe Lopez.
He says most of the employees cant afford to fight for the lost pay.
"The cost of a lawyer would exceed the funds an individual would get back," Lopez said.
An investigation by the Naples Daily News revealed the Bonita employees' story is all too familiar..
It turns out Duffy has been linked to 88 theaters in 26 states.. including Florida, California, Georgia and his home state of Ohio.
Fifty-eight of those theaters either never opened or were open for less than three years.
"A lot of the situations are similar, a lot of stresses and a lot of stories seem to be the same across the board," Lopez continued.
Over the past 20 years, Duffy has been ordered to pay nearly $25 million in judgments for refusing to pay bills!
As for the $1,000 owed to Joe Lopez? He says he's just ready to move on.
"I just hope theres some kind of closure. Maybe we'll see our money. If not I hope this trend stops," Lopez said.
Duffy was scheduled to represent himself in the Monday hearing. No date has been set for his next appearance.