Published: Aug 22, 2011 11:30 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- The jury responsible for convicting Frank Devries of brutally beating an Akita to death never got to see the most dramatic and damning evidence authorities had against him. But they still rendered a guilty verdict.

The video shows an Akita named Bumper yelping and short of breath along with her owner just before the dog is put to sleep. It all happened after Devries lost control and beat the dog so badly, almost every major bone in her body was shattered.

"Repeated blows, there's not an animal that suffered more in my line of work, and the judge's line of work as well," said Lee County Animal Services investigator Adam Leath.

Devries says he doesn't know what happened to Bumper. But the judge told the court it's clear he took his anger out on a defenseless animal. In a rare move, he sentenced Devries to one year behind bars.

"It's gratifying to know the case was taken seriously. It's one of the worst ones we've ever seen," said Ria Brown with Lee County Animal Services.

Bumper could barely breathe when her owner got home. Her lungs were collapsed, her ribs and pelvis snapped from a brutal beating at the hands of Devries.

He will be required to go through an anger management course when he's out of jail. And while on probation for two years, he will not be allowed to live with any animal, the judge said, even a gold fish.