Published: Aug 22, 2011 11:19 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 22, 2011 11:23 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL- A crime of opportunity.
Thieves hit 9 mobile homs in this fort myers beach community over the weekend!

"That's the window, you can see they punched that in."

Brian Harding owns a unit at Bon Air Mobile Home Park and says it's no stranger to break-ins.

"You know they just basically have a good time in here, party, take showers."

That's why he's there today checking on his property, after hearing that nine of his neighbor's homes were broken into.

"They keep coming back every year, because they know there is no one in the park."

Reporter Sarah Pusateri says, "The park closes for 3 months starting in June, residents have to leave, and thieves apparently know this."

Park owners tell us, since most of the residents of the community on San Carlos Drive are seasonal, it isn't cost effective for them to keep the water on year round.
They say the cost of insurance is another factor.

"It's so upsetting."

Melinda Elliott, wishes park owners would reconsider keeping someone year round.

Elliot says, "I would like to see them have a renter year round again, because that kept the problems away."

The screen to unit # 9, her unit, was cut, and her home ransacked, but she says that wasn't the worst part.

"They took picture frames off the wall and threw them on the floor, I suppose for sport."

Something painful for her and another resident says perfectly preventable.

Harding says, "If you have one or two people, at least here to protect your investment you really really have any problem."