Published: Aug 21, 2011 5:00 PM EDT

For years, Denise Brickner whipped up cookies and cakes for her family in her Cape Coral home.
It quickly became her favorite hobby and cooking programs showed cupcake shops were popping up around the country.
But she saw the demand wasn't being met in the Cape... yet.
"It's something I've done my whole life. I decided I wanted to try it for myself so once I was retired I gave it the plunge," Brickner said
She decided cupcakes were her calling and jumped on board the trend that has swept across the country.
In June she opened So Sweet Cupcake Bakery. She starts baking at five o'clock every morning, filling her displays with unusual flavors like margarita, caramel apple and mud slide.
She says the tiny treat is a trend that's here to stay.
"Everybody's working now or taking care of their kids and most men don't like to cook anyway or especially bake so this makes it easy for them," she continued.
The bakery has been open for less than two months and business has already been heating up.
"Starting in August during the slow season it gives me a chance to sort of get things going and get a feel for what its like and how many and time management so for me its really been a blessing," she said.
But Brickner knew that opening a novelty business when money is tight for most would be a risk.
She says the economy hasn't affected business so far and she's optimistic business will continue to grow because she has her sights set on big things for her small cakes.
"I was worried but it seemed like everyone who has done one has been pretty successful and the shows have been a hit so I've got my fingers crossed," she said.
Brickner says she puts almost as much thought into what goes on the cupcakes as she does what goes in them.
She says eye catching toppers are what entice customers to give new and unusual flavors a try.