Published: Aug 16, 2011 11:07 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 16, 2011 11:44 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla--A major retailer announces big changes to its fitting room doors following a CALL FOR ACTION investigation revealing some doors leave you exposed. Macy's has announced it will take action to change fitting room doors so people outside cannot see into the rooms.

A former Macy's employee alerted us to the situation by providing us video he took after hours of the fitting room doors. The slats on the doors in the video face so the slats are open. The whistleblower told us the doors are that way on purpose to allow staff to spot shoplifters. However, the doors also leave customers exposed to anyone walking by the room.

Our whistleblower told us during our original story, "(Customers) don't notice. They don't notice that sign that is six inches across is giving basically giving up their right to privacy and allowing Macy's to look at them naked."

We aired our original story in July and at that time Macy's provided us this statement:

"Retailers work hard to strike a balance between preserving the privacy of customers, providing customer service, maintaining customer safety in fitting rooms, and deterring the theft of merchandise. We at Macy's are continually reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we are serving the best interests of all of our customers. We strive to make customers feel safe and secure at Macy's."

Macy's now has issued us a new statement:

"Our fitting rooms are designed to give the customer a sense of comfort and an appropriate level of privacy when trying on merchandise. Fitting rooms in Macy's stores across the country vary in their size, design and configuration, depending primarily on when each store was built and the retailer that built the store (today's Macy's is comprised of dozens of predecessor companies). We currently are implementing changes to some fitting room doors so they are consistent across the country. At the end of this process, all fitting room doors will have outward-facing slats that limit the visibility into the fitting from anyone standing outside the room.  We strive to make customers feel safe and secure at Macy's."

We spoke to our whistleblower about what he thought of the new statement.

He told us, "First and foremost, I'm glad to see that Macy's agrees with me and the consensus of the general public and is changing its doors. I think it is going to go a long way in preventing peeping time and voyeur crimes."

CALL FOR ACTION returned to Macy's at the Edison Mall. We found nearly every door turned the right direction. We found one fitting room with one door turned the wrong way.

Macy's did not provide us a timeline for when the corrections would be complete.

Meanwhile, our whistleblower is looking for a new job. He was fired after bringing the doors to CALL FOR ACTION's attention. We asked him if the change was any sort of vindication.

He said, "You know I can sleep well knowing that my integrity is in tact. I'll put it that way. I may not have a job but I have my integrity but vindication? It's bittersweet."

During our investigation, we also found doors in dressing rooms at Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, and Saks Fifth Avenue stores with the slats open. Ann Taylor, Inc. told us the chain would correct those doors. A spokeswoman for Saks Fifth Avenue repeatedly told us she would not comment on the retailer's loss prevention strategy.

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