Published: Aug 11, 2011 2:35 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 11, 2011 5:07 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Wednesday proved to be a wet day throughout most of southwest Florida and even though the rain let up by nightfall, it left a mark in parts of Lee County including North Cape Coral.

The heavy rain caused major flooding along Diplomat Parkway causing that road to be closed between Santa Barbara and Nelson for several hours.

On an average day, you'd find Division Chief of Operations Tom Tomich over at the Cape Coral Fire Department and not on the side of the road with a rake in his hand.

"Most of our personnel are running calls.  They're answering the weather related calls today so somebody has got to get out here," said Tomich.

Tomich is one of nearly half a dozen firefighters that got soaked to the bone clearing out debris one storm drain at a time.

"Over this off season, we've had a great deal of vegetative debris that has built up and with this heavy rain we just got, its washed it all into the swales and the suction of the water trying to go into the storm drains has caused them to clog up," said Tomich.

The nearly three inches of rain that fell in Cape Coral had drivers wondering if the sun will ever return.

"I think its crazy honestly.  I mean I've lived here most of my life and this is the strangest summer I've seen yet," said Allen Mounds, who lives in Cape Coral.

Not all drivers mind the rain relief, some said its typical for August in Florida.

"For this time of year its normal.  Its nice, I've enjoyed the rain and the water," said Janice Haddaway, who is visiting from Texas.

Whether you love or hate the rain, using caution can separate you and your car from running into serious problems.

"Slow down.  Thats all there is to it.  You're going to flood out your car or somebody there next to you if you don't," said Mounds.

"I bet you 50% of the drivers are here just to look and see what is going on and if you can avoid that you can potentially avoid running off the side of the road and into swale and getting damage to your car," said Tomich.

With more rain in the forecast, remember to slow down if you come to standing water in the roadway.  As the old saying goes, turn around, don't drown.