Published: Aug 09, 2011 5:53 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 09, 2011 11:09 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Congressman Connie Mack is back in Southwest Florida. The Republican will meet with voters later this month to answer tough questions about what's going on Washington.

A staunch critic of the debt deal, Mack says it's no wonder Wall Street has taken a hit. He met with local supporters today, warning unless both parties get serious about cutting government spending, the economy, including here in Southwest Florida, will falter. Mack's meeting with a friendly, conservative crowd in Fort Myers is coming as lawmakers head home to defend their vote in raising the debt ceiling. The Republican picked up right where he left off in D.C. criticizing both parties for not doing enough to avoid an economic fallout.
"S.& P. and others look at us and go, 'you can't sustain that kind of spending'," Mack said. "The reason we got downgraded is because we have too much debt. The only thing this bill did, the so-called compromise, all it did is increase the debt ceiling without any real cuts in the budget."

Mack now turns his sight to the fall when Congress will ax $1.2 trillion in the projected budget deficit. While all politics is local, Mack insists he'll vote for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Defense before raising taxes.

"It's not an issue of revenue. it's an issues of government overspending," Mack explained. "Let me be perfectly clear: I will not support raising taxes. That is not the problem."  

Mack's strong stance on the debt debate has made him a favorite among the Tea-Party. The Republican, however, says he's staying put in 2012.  

Mack's townhall meeting will take place on August 22nd at the Harborside Event Center.
It's open to the public, but you have to pre-register online.