Published: Aug 09, 2011 1:20 AM EDT

Congestion at two north Naples intersections will soon get some relief.
Later this month the intersections at Pine Ridge and Livingston Roads and Vanderbilt Beach and Goodlette-Frank Roads will get some major upgrades to improve the flow of traffic.
The funds for these upgrades were approved by the county commission a couple of weeks ago.
The major concern at both intersections is so many cars attempting to turn that they are blocking thru traffic.
When the project is complete, eastbound traffic on Pine Ridge Road turning right onto Livingston will soon have an extended turn lane.. this will ensure those cars don't overflow into thru lanes and block traffic.
An additional turn lane will be constructed for westbound drivers on Vanderbilt, looking to turn left onto Goodlette.
Traffic officials say the congestion at both of these intersections causes serious problems especially during the afternoon rush hour.
But some north Naples residents who travel that intersection tell me they don't see it as a major problem.
"I don't think its necessary to make a right onto Livingston. I don't see any congestion there and I travel it almost every day," said Rose Scarisbrick, who works nearby.
"During season maybe a little bit of traffic but this time of the year.. I make it through the light in one turn. I don't have to wait for more than one turn," said Naples resident David Panzarella.
Upgrading both of the intersections will cost about a quarter million dollars.
All construction is expected to be complete by the start of season.