Published: Aug 09, 2011 2:07 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 09, 2011 4:32 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE Fla.- Salvatore Pascucci sits in the Charlotte County Jail  He is charged with burglary and battery.
Deputies say he admitted to breaking into a female neighbor's home on Harbor Blvd. in Port Charlotte. According to Charlotte County Sheriff's Office spokesman Bob Carpenter, the man waited until his neighbor was asleep and let himself in through an unlocked window. "She had the house locked up except her laundry room window, he opened that came in came to her bedroom and molested or touched her inappropriately," said Carpenter.

When the victim woke up and confronted the 26 year old man,  he took off.
The next day the woman was sitting on her front porch talking with some relatives. "The suspect comes walking down the street, walks right up to the front of the house and wants to appologize to her for what he did last night," said Carpenter. The woman called detectives who arrested Pascucci.

He told detectives "He thought the victim was pretty and he wanted to be her boyfriend". He also said "I have a fettish with feet and touched the victim's feet several times , then her breast over her shirt and her inner thigh". The Sheriff's Office says with the man's criminal record, they suspect that there may be more victims. For now pascucci is being held without bond.