Published: Aug 08, 2011 10:51 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- An elderly man living in a nursing home is recovering from a badly bruised face after deputies say his roommate attacked him. Be warned, the pictures in the video are very graphic.

When Ruth Comitz-Vetri says she got the call from the nursing home telling her that her father was hit by a roomate and had a black eye she rushed to see him. She says she never expected to find him like this.

"All the bones around his eyes were broken, his jaw, his cheekbones," Ruth said. "We thought he was in a safe place."

Comitz-Vetri says on Thursday, the curtain in her father's room was closed so he could take a nap, but she says, his roomate wanted the curtain open and got upset.

"His roomate, apparently in the wheelchair, came over to my dad, and started punching on my father," Comitz-Vetri said.

A Lee Memorial spokesperson says a nurse was in the room at the time of the attack and ran to get help, but Comitz-Vetri says not soon enough.

"My dad said he was yelling for help, that he was screaming, 'help help help me!' but nobody came right away," she said.

The hospital sent us a statement which reads in part, "Appropriate medical care was promptly administered and the resident was taken to Healthpark Medical Center. He is in good condition. We have notified the appropriate authorities and are cooperating with law enforcement on the case."

Comitz-Vetri wonders why her father was sharing a room with what she calls "a mentally ill man."

"If there is somebody who is violent or has dementia, I think they should be in a separate area of the nursing home," Comitz-Vetri explained.  

The victim's daughter says her father will not undergo surgery on his face because her family doesn't believe he will survive it. Instead, she predicts her father will be permanently disfigured.