Published: Aug 08, 2011 8:58 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- An 11-year-old Lee County boy was arrested, after breaking his mother's left arm over the weekend.

On Friday, Deputy Orjuela responded to a call in reference to a battery at a residence in Fort Myers.

Upon arrival at the residence, Orjuela found an 11-year-old boy sitting in the driveway, crying and stating, "I'm sorry I hit my mom. I just got really mad. I hurt my mom and then I hit my head against the tree."

Screams could be heard from inside the residence, so the boy was put in the back of the patrol car and Orjuela entered the home. Orjuela found the boy's mother sitting on the couch, crying hysterically and resting her deformed, left arm in her lap, which appeared to be broken.

The mother stated that as the family sat at the dining room table, the boy grew angry that the family was talking about her father. He began to yell and curse. He stood up from the table and then, overturned the table. His mother attempted to calm him down and reassure him that no one was speaking ill of his father, but the boy began to strike at her. As the boy grew out of control, the family left the house.

Once outside, the boy began to pick up items off the ground and throw them at his mother. He grabbed her arm, but as she attempted to pull away, he struck her in the back. He used both hands to twist her arm. It was then that she screamed in pain and her boyfriend intervined, getting in between the two of them. She ran back into the house and the boy threw a rock at her, missing her and breaking the window. The boy then turned his anger on himself and began hitting his head against a tree.

The mother was transported to Lee Memorial and the boy was placed under arrest for Felony Battery.

Three witnesses gave statements, but the mother refused to sign a sworn statement, nor expressed a desire to prosecute.