Published: Aug 05, 2011 9:30 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- An amusement park, which sat empty as a sign of the ill-fated real estate boom, will soon get rolling! Zoomers went up for auction earlier this year and today work at the site got underway, again.

"What you see right now is a very overgrown space. One of the biggest part is going to be clearing all the underbrush, all the overgrowth and to start bringing everything back to life," said Alan Fluke, project manager.

Zoomers amusement park is one-lap closer to the finish line. Construction at the site stopped in 2007 after the original owner ran out of money. He poured $15 million in the 16-acre site only to lose it during the house collapse.

"This project really had been the poster-child of the development hardships that have happened in Fort Myers," Fluke said.

A Fort Myers Beach resident purchased the project at auction back in June for $1.3 million.

"The rides are going to be the same. The go-kart tracks are going to be the same. We're just going to put a brand new face on it," Fluke explained.

Tourists we spoke to say they're not too drawn to the project, at least yet.

"We come here for the beach atmosphere. So, we kinda stay on the beach. We kinda just like the relaxation," a tourist said. 

It'll be full throttle come Monday when crews begin looking at the structural integrity of the race tracks and rides. Project managers hope to have everything done and ready to open come February.