Published: Aug 02, 2011 3:27 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 02, 2011 2:22 AM EDT

The Demonico family was watching a movie at their east Naples home when 11 year old Taylor spotted a shadow lurking outside the glass door.

"He looked at me but I couldn't really see what he looked like and then he got up and he kind of fell back and then he got up and ran," Taylor said.

Terrified for her family's safety, Cheri Demonico went outside to see what was going on.. that's when she found a tear in the screen on her lanai and the door unlocked.

She believes the man had been watching her home for hours before her daughter spotted him.

"The girls were in the computer room that's where he started seeing and watching them and then once the lights went out and we came out here to watch TV he was in our lanai. So he was watching us in the house," she said.

Deputies later arrested convicted sex offender Leslie Brewer. He faces a slew of charges including voyeurism and trespassing. It turns out the Demonicos were not alone..

Just down the block Ann Kaverman's daughter spotted who she says is the same man looking through her window.

"It's really scary you feel very invaded to think that somebody's standing there staring at you," Kaverman said.

Since then, neighbors have installed motion activated spotlights in their trees and taken extra security precautions around their home.

"We're locking screen doors at night, my daughter usually takes the dogs out in the morning when she gets up at five. She won't go outside alone anymore because you worry about what's around or who's around and it never was like that before," Kaverman continued.

Brew did bond out of the Collier county jail on a $25,000 bond.

Brew worked at a bike shop in Naples when he was arrested. No word on whether he still has his job now that he is a free man.