Published: Jul 30, 2011 1:27 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 30, 2011 12:28 AM EDT

ENGLEWOOD Fla.-  If you ask Deputies Scott Sarver or Paul Cignarale, they will humbly tell you that they are not heroes. But Bryan Jaeggi will tell you a different story. Because yesterday morning Jeggis mother: 86 year old Elaine Sampson of Englewood returned from a shopping trip. Sampson parked her car in the garage and went in the house forgetting to shut the car off. Over 10 hours later a dazed Sampson placed a call to 911. Cignarale and Sarver responded to the home and pulled the 86 year old woman outside to safety.

When firefighters arrived they told the deputies that with the carbon monoxide levels in the home, 5 more minutes inside could have killed the woman. The deputies claim that they were just doing their job but Jeggi made it a point today to stop by the district office where they work to thank them personally for saving his mother. Sampson is recovering at her sons home down the road. Her family says that before she goes home they plan to install a carbon monoxide detector in her home.