Published: Jul 29, 2011 5:49 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 29, 2011 4:51 PM EDT

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla.- The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office presented findings from its investigation into potential criminal behavior discovered during the audit of the Sarasota County procurement and purchasing system by the Clerk of the Court and County Comptroller.

The investigation examined whether any actions by county employees or vendors rose to the level of criminal behavior including bribery, bid tampering, official misconduct and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior. Investigators found insufficient evidence to prove that anyone violated Florida State Statutes with P-card usage.

At a press conference this morning Sheriff Tom Knight said, “We did not find evidence that anyone violated the P-card policy for personal gain nor did they do it in a deceitful manner. There was, however, a failure in leadership, supervision and management of the process.

“These findings validate the concerns that some citizens have voiced in the past months and years and assuredly gave rise to a process with harmful results,” continued Knight.

As a result of this investigation, the Sheriff’s Office has forwarded charges to the State Attorney’s Office against Timothy Harlow, owner of Tim Harlow Controls, for Perjury in an Unofficial Proceeding and Electrical Contracting without a License.

Sheriff Knight emphasized that his office remains open to investigating any subsequent claims alleging criminal activity regardless of whether they come from the Clerk’s office, the county or private citizens.