Published: Jul 29, 2011 1:17 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 29, 2011 12:18 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE Fla.- Twice this week, burglars have attempted to gain access to two different gun stores in the area. Deputies say on Monday the crooks cut through the fence and broke the handle off of a door at Sport Trap Gun Store in Charlotte Harbor. Wednesday at A&H Guns, burglars tried to pry open what they thought was the rear door to the business. But the gun store does not have a back door and the thieves only managed to break into the business next door. A&H Guns employee John Mahshie says that a check of their security cameras revealed a surprise. "Lo and behold we did see a young man looking through our window", said Mahshie.

The footage shows a young man scoping out the store through the front door for about 20 seconds. He returns two more times over the next hour before leaving empty handed. Even though he did not get inside, Mahshie says he would not have found guns. "We have motion detectors, we have every modern security in the store there is not only that, there are no guns left out all our guns are secured in safes", said Mahshie. Aside from all the security measures that gun stores have, Mahshie says there's another very good reason why its not a good idea to target gun stores. "Our employees are armed also so going into a gun store to do bad things is probably not a good idea", said Mahshie. Deputies here are confident they will catch whoever is responsible for the attempted break ins, but in the mean time they aren't taking any chances. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office will be sending extra patrols to gun stores around the area.