Published: Jul 28, 2011 11:05 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 28, 2011 9:24 PM EDT

FT. MYERS, Fla. -- A local U.S. Post Office employee has delivered his last letter. Bill Wiemer has more than 3 decades of service with the Post Office, and you won't believe how many miles he's racked up!

Today he is retiring from the Miracle Mile Post Office. Rachael Rafanelli tagged along with him as he drove his route for one last time.

"I went to work for the post office in 1980 as a carrier. I actually delivered to WINK TV for 25 years from 1985 until 2010," Wiemer said.

Bill Wiemer is celebrating his final day on the job, doing what he loves: delivering the mail. For the past 30 years as a letter carrier he's kept a watchful eye on his customers, getting to know them, becoming a part of their daily lives.

"When you are looked forward to by people coming every day, they share little parts of their lives, and you share little parts of your life - with them, you become friends. They depend on you, and you depend on them," he said.

Co-workers affectionately call Bill the "Miracle Mile Million Mile Man." That's because during his postal career he has driven an estimated one million miles - all of them, accident free.

"When you've been a letter carrier for 30 years its determined that you have driven a million miles plus. I think its really going to hit me at 4:30 when I punch off the clock," he said.

Once that clock is punched, he looks forward to enjoying his retirement in southwest Florida.

"I am happy to be a resident of Ft. Myers and look forward to having it be my home base for the rest of my life."

Miracle Mile Post Office is scheduled to be consolidated with Page Field Post Office by the end of September of this year. Wiemer will be the last Miracle Mile letter carrier to have his final day of delivery at that office.