Published: Jul 28, 2011 12:03 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 27, 2011 11:04 PM EDT

Despite months of opposition, construction continues on the 18,000 square foot addition to the Fort Myers Beach library.

Library officials say the new addition is needed and will bring them up to speed with the digital age.

"We needed an area that people can gather for WIFI, WIFI access and at the same time they could munch on something and just kind of lay back and rest a little bit," said library executive director Dr. Leroy Hommerding.

"I still like the idea, even though I wish it wasn't so expensive," said patron Steven Misener.

But those who are against the plan say the new, lush facility is being built at their expense.. and they never had a say in it.

"They didn't ask the public for their permission to build this. The property taxes were embedded where nobody could find them and about a year ago people realized were building a $9 million library expansion without public approval," said Fort Myers Beach resident Sam Lurie.

Legally, the library doesn't have to take it to the polls to add on.. if they can show public input, need and desire, they don't need voters approval.

The group provided the library board with a petition containing a thousand signatures.. but library officials say they're questioning whether those signatures are real.

Now the group is calling for a referendum allowing voters in the library's special taxing district to decide the building's fate.

"It would have two options.. either continue the expansion as proposed for $9 million, or refund the tax payers their money. It's a simple choice," Lurie continued.

The library's construction is currently ahead of schedule. Its set to be complete by next spring.