Published: Jul 27, 2011 11:11 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 27, 2011 10:10 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL- Cape Coral residents say several weeks out of the year, they can't even use the canals behind them because the water is too shallow.

"This boat needs 3 foot 2 inches minimum."

Harold Moss says his canal isn't always that deep.

Moss says, "There is a problem, yes maam, There is a few weeks out of the year where we the canal depth is such so that we can't get the boat off of the lift."

So he's excited to learn the city has renewed its 10 year saltwater dredge permit from the U.S Army Corp of Engineers.

"The canal needs dredging badly. "

Cape Coral has outsourced that job to Gator Dredging, out of Pinellas Park, who is currently surveying 100 locations in the Southeast Cape for dredging.

City Manager Gary King says, "Now we'll actually have reports to tell us where dredging is required which, canals actually need work."

Something some wish would have happened a long time ago.

City councilman Bill Deile says, "We had difficulty with the dredging program in the past, it was kind of haphazard and it wasn't planned, whoever yelled the loudest got their canal dredged. I guess a year or so ago, the city neglected to renew their request for the saltwater dredging."

King says, "I think what happened there was a lack of focus on potential obstacles regarding environmental issues."

With that issue resolved, he believes outsourcing the job will save the city money.

"My anticipation is that it could be 2-300 thousand dollars a year."

For this resident, worth every penny.

Moss says, "Oh I'm looking forward to this and I hope they get this area early.