Published: Jul 25, 2011 9:34 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 25, 2011 5:55 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A massive bee hive at an abandoned Cape Coral house had neighbors buzzing on Monday.

Exterminators suggested that the hive had been growing for years, based on the sheer size of it. Crews removed it by placing netting over it, cutting it down and hauling it off.

Initial estimates suggest 70,000 bees called the hive home.

"It was...I really don't have any words for it...It was really huge," said Andrew Celis, a concerned neighbor.

Armed with only a tree clipper and netting to cover his face, beekeeper Keith Councell stared down a swarm of bees high up on a tree.
The massive beehive just a few feet from where kids play at Freedoms Park in Cape Coral.

"Seeing it visually... it was huge. It was a big concern for me and that's why I called the county and asked what they could do about it," said  Celis.

Celis and his son looked on as a team of bee removal experts performed a delicate dance to lower the 6-foot-long bee hive onto a truck.

Neighbors said the swarm was so big, the buzzing could be heard at night.

"These are just regular European honeybees. They're not the Africanize kind. But, just in their demeanor they're gentle bees," said Councell.

Councell and his crew were stung several times, but he admits its all in a days work.

Councell said, "This is what I do. To me, it's very calming being up there with them. The bees and the buzzing its all very calming."

He travels the state to remove bee colonies and told WINK the bees from this hive will go back to his farm where they'll form a new colony... bee queen and all.