Published: Jul 22, 2011 2:33 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 22, 2011 1:33 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - The Bentley stolen by a 22 year old in June was returned to the dealer after a four-state illegal joy ride.

The luxury vehicle suffered just minor scratches to the wheels and plenty of dirt to the exterior, according to the owner of Ambassador Auto Sales.

The car was returned Wednesday after being recovered in Louisiana last week, following a hours long chase that led to the arrest of 22-year-old Justin Durbin.

Dealer sources tell WINK News a 'repeat customer' is in talks to buy the car, which has had a full complete detail since its return.

WINK News originally reported that police put the brakes on Durbin who they say stole luxury cars in five states including right here in Southwest Florida.

Durbin was caught in Lake Charles Louisiana driving the very same Bentley he stole from Ambassador Auto Sales.

On June 28th, 2011, Ambassador Auto Sales reported the theft of a 2007 Bentley GT Continental, valued at $97,000. During the original incident, Durbin expressed interest in purchasing the vehicle and had arrange to meet on 5th Avenue in Naples to complete the transaction. Durbin was checking out the car when he jumped in and took off without payment or permission.

During the investigation, Durbin was positively identified as the suspect and a warrant was issued for his arrest on July 11th for first degree grand theft.

On July 13th, detectives developed information that Durbin was possibly in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area and requested assistance from the Louisiana State Police in locating him.

 Naples Police tell WINK News that Durbin was spotted on Wednesday by state police in Louisiana, but didn't give up easily.

Louisiana State Police used the same system that dials out to residents in area for hurricanes to dial out and tell people to watch out for "Bentley bandit."  Tips came in on Thursday and that's when the car was found in a strip mall parking lot, at which time the chase resumed for a total of six hours.

The owner of Ambassador Auto then got a call that Durbin was on the run. Helicopters and K9 finally led to Durbin's capture where he simply put his hand in the air and said, "It's me."

The whole time the owner of the car dealership said he was watching live news feeds of the chase online until it was over.

Nick Garulay from Ambassador Auto said, "The edge of my seat is definitely the way to describe it. Got real excited but then it was kind of an anti-climax but I knew it was coming to an end because you can only run from the police for so long, but if you are going to run a Bentley, it's definitely the car to do it in with 550 horsepower."

Durbin is wanted in several states for theft.