Published: Jun 30, 2011 9:50 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 30, 2011 8:50 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla - Zoomers could soon be opening-- five years later.

The amusement park in Fort Myers is 99% complete, but construction halted in 2007.

The park is on Summerlin Avenue and Safety Street near Fort Myers Beach.

The original developer spent $15 million dollars building the park.

But when the economy collapsed, he put the brakes on opening Zoomers.

Finally, the park went on the auction block last week.

It sold for more than a $1 million bucks.

Far below the cost to build it.

The new buyer has thirty days to finalize the deal and reportedly wants to open Zoomers as soon as possible.

That's good news to Steven Rhodes of Worthington Realty.

"It's a prime piece of property," he said.

Rhodes anticipates Zoomers being a doorway of opportunity.

It's the first thing people see as they head toward the beach.

He hopes it will inspire more development.

"That's the opening. That's the start of the entrance of the businesses for everyone that's down here.I'm excited about the prospect being there. I think it can have nothing but positive impact on the businesses over here," Rhodes told WINK News.

John Albion from the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce agrees it's a great idea.

"It is good news. Whenever there's property that's being scooped up and put to use," he said.

Opponents worry opening Zoomers in this economy is a bad idea because few people have disposable income.

The new owner isn't being made public yet.

No word yet on when the deal will be finalized and when Zoomers will officially re-open