Published: Jun 30, 2011 11:15 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 30, 2011 9:59 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- Naples Police Department's latest crackdown on alcohol compliance leaves five businesses facing some serious questions.

"They just didn't check for ID's. They were able to purchase alcohol and they didn't check for ID," Lt. John Barkley of NPD said on Thursday.

Detectives randomly checked 16 businesses scattered across the city, sending an undercover, underage person in to try and buy booze. At five locations, including the Naples Plaza Publix and Park Shore K-Mart, the attendants never checked for ID.

"They're shocked. They're absolutely shocked. Some of them were busy and they start ringing the stuff up and asking for money just as a part of business," Lt. Barkley said.

Drug Free Collier says the crackdown is critical in keeping Southwest Florida's youth safe. In 2010, their statistics show 32% of middle school students and 68% of of high schoolers in Collier County admit to using alcohol.

"Unfortunately, the grapevine is one of the best communication methods that we have. So if one place gets a reputation for selling, the kids will find out pretty quick and that'll be were they frequent over and over again," Anne Frazier of Drug Free Collier said Thursday.

Now, Naples Police Department plans to have their community police move in to help better train businesses who failed compliance checks, in order to make sure the violation doesn't happen twice.

"It's one of those things during these hard economic times there's a high turnover rate for employees, a lot of employers may not be able to get their employees trained as well as they should," Lt. Barkley said.

Selling alcohol to a minor is a misdemeanor offense. All sales clerks who violated the law were issued a notice to appear in court.